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Fonblanque or de Fonblanque

The earliest Fonblanques we have found used the prefix ‘de’. The English branch of Fonblanque When Abel de Fonblanque sent his sons Jean and Antoine to England in 1727 they became anglicised as John and Anthony Fonblanque. They both became English citizens at different times. De Fonblanque in England ? Fonblanque petitioned George III to […]

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Origins of Fonblanque

It is believed that the earliest Fonblanques came from a small village called Fonblanque in the ForĂȘt de la Gresine, near Bruniquet in France. Grenier Going further back in the family tree, the surname of this Huguenot family was Grenier, a corruption of “Garniero”; with links to Piedmont and Tuscany in Italy pointing to Italian […]