Famous Fonblanques

John Anthony Fonblanque 1759-1837

John Anthony Fonblanque

The “Father of the English Bar”. John Anthony de Fonblanque was a member of the Middle Temple in London. Admitted in 1777, Reader in 1808 and Treasurer in 1815. The image to the right shows his shield which is viewable in the Dining Hall of the Middle Temple in London. He is also mentioned on the wall in the entrance hallway.

John was a King’s Counsel (KC) and well known as an equity lawyer. He was “esteemed for his accomplished mind and urbane qualities”.

He is buried in the Temple Church in London (specific location unknown).

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John is also mentioned in the History of Parliament.

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John Samuel Martin de Fonblanque

John Samuel Martin de Fonblanque 1787 -1865

Another famous lawyer and the son of John Anthony above. John Samuel Martin was a Commissioner of Bankruptcy.

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He co-founded “The Jurist” in 1826. Wikipedia tells more of the history of The Jurist here.

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Albany Fonblanque – photo in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D45957)

Albany de Fonblanque 1793-1872

Albany was a famous journalist and newspaper editor. He was a political commentator and latterly the editor of “The Examiner“. Albany helped change attitudes towards journalists and made it a more respectable profession.

The photo shown in held in the National Portrait Gallery in London, England.

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Thomas de Grenier Fonblanque (1793 – 1861)

He was a career diplomat who was Consul in Egypt and Serbia (1842-59). He was attacked by a Turkish solider whilst in Belgrade, Serbia in 1858.

Philip de Fonblanque DSO – photo in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG x167062)

Philip de Fonblanque (1885 – 1940)

Philip had a long military career culminating in the post of Brigadier General. He was commissioned into the army in 1905 in the Royal Engineers.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO).

His wife, Stella May, was the daughter of Sir Henry May, governor of Hong Kong and Fiji in the early 20th century.

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Edward Barrington de Fonblanque (1895 – 1981)

Edward de Fonblanque – photo in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG x170478)

Philip’s brother Edward was also in the military. He attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Artillery.

He competed in the Equestrian Events in the 1924 Olympics and finished in 6th place. His horse was called Copper.

Other Famous Fonblanques

More to be added in future and a brief list below:

  • Ethel Maud de Fonblanque was an actress.
  • Robert de Fonblanque was an actor.
  • Florence de Fonblanque was a suffragette who organized a march from Edinburgh to London.
  • Rosemary de Fonblanque climbed Mont Blanc.
  • Louise Beatrice de Fonblanque married Captain Francis Lowther and had 3 children, the younger daughter May was also known as Toupie or Toupee Lowther and was an excellent fencer and tennis player.