Fonblanque Places

This will encompass significant places where the early Fonblanque family lived alongside places named ‘Fonblanque’ across the world.

Where is Fonblanque?

Fonblanque is a small hamlet near to Bruniquel which in turn is near Montauban, north east of Toulouse in southern France. It is now called ‘Font Blanque’ and the road running through it is Fonblanque. Haut Serre is another little hamlet close by which is also referred to in early family histories. This is where Abel Francois de Grenier de Fonblanque lived and worked as a Gentilhomme Verrier in the 1720s-40s (his sons Jean (John) and Antoine (Anthony) setup the English branch of the family). Abel was Sieur de Fonblanque and his brother was Sieur de Haut Serre.

The map below has markers showing the places identified so far which are also named below. The map is centred on France so you will need to zoom out to see the whole world.

Fonblanque places across the world.

These are the ones discovered so far…


  • England – Sheerness – Fonblanque Road (on map)
  • New Zealand – Westport – Fonblanque Street (on map)
  • France – Chemin de Fonblanque, Rabastens
  • France – Chemin de Fonblanque and Traverse de Fonblanque in Pernes-les-Fontaines.


At least 4 other places apart from the one near Bruniquel:

  • Lavalade,
  • Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang,
  • Laussou (a river) and
  • Molières (this is related to the De Greniers de Labarthe)

These are not on the map.

If you know why these were so named or who lived there please get in touch with me.