Fonblanque Timeline


John and Anthony de Fonblanque arrive in England

Jean (aged 14) and Antoine (aged 13) sent by their father Abel de Grenier de Fonblanque to escape the Huguenot persecution in France.

Naturalised as British citizen

Jean became John Fonblanque in 1748 by act of parliament

8 Nov 1755

John married Eleanor Bagshaw

in London

John Anthony de Grenier Fonblanque born

Barrister, KC (King’s Counsel) and “Father of the English Bar”

12 June 1759
30 May 1786

John Anthony married Frances Caroline Fitzgerald

At St George’s in Hanover Square, London

John Samuel Martin Fonblanque born

in Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London. He was a barrister, KC (Kings Counsel) and a Commissioner of Bankruptcy.

28 Mar 1787
18 Sept 1819

John Samuel Martin married Caroline O’Connell

At St James’s Church in Dublin, Ireland

John William Martin Fonblanque

John William Martin de Fonblanque born

in Brompton, London. He was a barrister

4 Oct 1820
5 July 1822

Rosalinda Alicia de Grenier de Fonblanque born

in Hammersmith, London

Rosalinda married Edward William Cox

15 Aug 1844
23 May 1887

John William Martin married Caroline Rumpf

at Camberwell (then in Surrey). He was 66 and she was 23.

John Berkeley de Grenier de Fonblanque born to JWM and Caroline

in Chelsea, London. He was a solicitor in Lincoln’s Inn, London.

1 Feb 1888